Our Impact and Mission

  • Midori Family supports natural and organic farmers through the act of fair trade. 

Take for instance, Aramide was able to save some money from working in the shea buttter business to open her own spice market business. She currently sells in Lagos items such as Moringa, tumeric, mint, chia and several other spices.

Midori family- Impact and mission

Midori family social impact

Dupe, on the other hand decided she would go into the local food market business.

Inspiring entrepreneur in women

Supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship for women in rural areas enabled them to finally follow their own dream in the pursuit of fulfilling small businesses, in Lagos cities.

Also, there are also many brilliant young women in West Africa. Inspiring young children in African cultures is something that we hold close to our hearts.

The frequent rise of visionary and successful female entrepreneur will enable women to know it's never too late to start out their dreams, because women are dynamic, brilliant and capable of doing much more than they can ever imagine.

  • Proud Partners of National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.  “5% of the gross product sales from the Midori Family Natural Soaps will be donated to NBCF with a guaranteed minimum donation of $200”.


  • Additionally, through the act of giving, from our sister website, "Midoricide", we provide natural pet care.
    • Golden Paw Sponsor to Puppy up Foundation
  • Midoricide has donated products worth $1144 (~333oz of product) to the Puppy up Foundation's 7th Annual Puppy up Cancer Walk and Silent Auction. Puppy up Walks has raised funds to invest in cancer research that benefits pets & people known as comparative oncology. Amazingly, funds raised through puppy up has gone to 3 cancer clinical trials in universities such as : university of Wisconsin Madison, Purdue University and University of Missouri.
    • Products such as natural shampoo bar, natural flea and tick sprays,pet balm, dry shampoo and natural dog ear tonic was donated.
  • Midoricide has donated 100 oz of product (Midoricide shampoo bar) to the Lakebridge a water community ( 6th Annual Lakebridge's cutest Pooch Dog show) happening in the rehabilitation and skilled nursing center
  • Donated to the Grateful Heart Senior Dog Rescue(GHSDR) 162oz of product( Midoricide shampoo bars and grooming kit)
  • Donation of 87.5 oz of product to Bernese Mountain Dog Club (BMDCA) including products such as shampoo bars, waterless shampoos, and natural flea and tick.
  • Donation to the German Shepherd Rescue of New England 147oz of products ( natural shampoo bars, dry shampoos, natural flea and tick sprays and liquid shampoos)

We continually try to aid the cause in support of natural pet care as a better alternative from midoricide's network.