Apple cider vinegar Hair rinse Herbal extract concentrate

Apple cider vinegar Hair rinse Herbal extract concentrate

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This apple cider vinegar hair rinse is a pure concentrate . It should be diluted. It is 100% raw organic apple cider vinegar infused with herbal extract and arginine to clarify, remove buildup, condition scalp and hair, strengthen hair, promote soft, shiny hair and herbal extracts great for hair growth. Perfect for use after cleansing with our natural shampoo bar.

It has also been infused with pure grade aloe vera and it;

* Clarifies scalp, hair and promotes shiny soft hair

* Helps to bring balance to scalp pH

* Arginine hair amino acid added to promote and stimulate hair


* Naturally reduces tangling

* Lemongrass has been added to strengthen hair follicles and

   promote hair growth

* Excellent in removing product buildup from dead skin residue

   and revitalizing hair

* Functions like a hair toner, by washing off un-seen residues

   left from cleansing...

* Helps reduce dandruff and remove impurities while unclogging


* Makes hair more manageable by deep root conditioning


Ingredients: Raw Organic Apple cider vinegar , Arginine, Aloe vera, Organic lemongrass essential oil, Burdock roots, calendula extract, Nettle leaf extract, lavender extract, orris root extract and oregano extract 

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Parabens-free, propylene glycol-free, silicone oil-free ,phthalate-free, hydrogenated oils-free, PEG-free.



Use 1 Tablespoon in 8 ounce of water in a spray bottle.  Other Options ( 1-4 Tablespoon)
Pour into wet hair after shampooing and be careful to avoid eyes
Leave in for 1-4minutes and then rinse.
Some Tips:  Note that hair prone to dryness likes less vinegar and oily likes more vinegar.  Be sure to test by starting with 1 Tablespoon to see what your hair likes.