Choosing the best moisturizer is important for your skincare

Moisturizers, there are all kinds of moisturizers available in the market today. There are face moisturizers, moisturizers for overall body care, specialty moisturizers for stretch mark and scar reductions.

Some of the ingredients used in typical commercial products include mineral oil, petrolatum, triethanolamine, fragrances and paraben. Some of these ingredients in products are known to contribute to clogging of pores, restrict hydration of the skin, cause dryness and even provide an unwanted poor impact on health.

There are many natural plant based alternative that could act as effective moisturizers. They provide a much softer effect on skin and provide the ultimate moisturizing effect without a detrimental contribution to your health. Many natural oils add different levels of moisture to the skin. There are oils with heavier moisturizing effect on skin and some with much lighter moisture that quickly absorbs into the skin.

When you use natural and botanical, organic oils, you can get additional benefits such as anti-ageing activities, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and even anti-bacterial properties to mention a few. This is because natural plants usually have more than one diverse qualities and also offer repairing or restorative attributes.

What are some of the examples of excellent oils that offer great moisture or hydration? Oils or creams with natural olive oil, particularly extra virgin olive oil can offer deep skin moisture. The smell can be quite overwhelming in its natural form. A great solution is to pair heavier oils such as these with natural essential oils. This enables you to experience an intensely moisturizing product.

Unfortunately, using olive oil by itself can be too moisturizing and even appear greasy. The best alternative is to check your product’s ingredient list and buy products that contain a rich blend of olive oil for your soft skin nourishment.

Coconut and Babassu oil, these are very unique oils which are both great for skin and hair. Coconut is widely popular and can provide a deep moisturizing effect with a divine and fantastic delicious smell in its raw natural form.

Babassu oil is another oil identical to the coconut oil. It provides similar benefit as the coconut oil without being greasy. Babassu oil has also be known to contribute to skin elasticity and firmness. These natural plant based oils added to skin provide fantastic moisturizing effect leaving your skin feeling supple.

Baobab Oil is another excellent moisturizer that offers many skin benefits without clogging pores. It’s known to have wonderful natural fatty acid and is packed with natural vitamins to boost great skin.

Why go with mineral oils and petrolatum based products? They offer more problems that can be visible in both the short and long term. The benefits of using botanical based moisturizers outweighs the use of synthetic based moisturizers. This is because botanical based products can offer additional benefits boosting wonderful looking appearance for all skin types.