Pure grade essential oil and botanical oils free of artificial fragrances for vibrant, and amazing skin and hair. Some of the reasons we love the quality of midori family products; While everyone's timeline is different, these are some of the amazing results we've seen.

Some of our products.....


Before and after photos: Chronic itching resulting in rashes. Resolved within a few days of applying the organic based anti itch oil.


Itching: For general maintenance, when itching is from seasonal allergies, eczema, post pregnancy, dry skin, dry scalp, and allergic skin reaction.

A few tips to protect and relieve itchy skin:

* Use mild natural soap bar that won't irritiate skin

* Take cool showers to reduce ability to itch

* Applied once or twice a day for quick itching relief

ANTI ITCH SERUM- Midori Family rollon

Anti-Itch Serum: Chronic itching soother

Directions: Used once and twice as needed.


Hair Growth Oil & Serum

Before-After progression from left and right side.


Midori Family Facial mask (Gentle Detox, hydrate and helps restore skin) and botanical face serum- Available soon.

Before and After

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