Our Story


Midori Family Natural is a skin and hair care beauty brand that is committed to using pure and healthier ingredients. 



                                            Ifeoma Rose - CEO/ Midori Family

                        "Intense botanical nourishment with skin sensitivity in mind"


It’s personal: With a history of relaxers for hair straightening as young as she could remember, Ifeoma knew what harsh chemicals could do to healthy hair. With the rise of natural hair, she searched for safer and effective products to help resolve scalp and hair problems. It was not an easy task and many products were so identical in nature.

However, she managed her hair the best way she could. One day, with her hard hat, safety googles, complete “jumpsuit”, she realized that the exposure to chemicals even with protective coverings were not helping her skin; hyperpigmentation, dry skin, lack of hair moisture; were some of the issues needing to be addressed. She listened as other expressed concerns about their health and exposure to some of these chemicals. Again, she realized some of these chemicals were trace impurities that came into both skin and hair products. Once again without sufficient solutions to resolve them, She Launched Midori Family in 2017.

Midori Refers to “Green”. Combining the secrets of the West African culture and some key foundational baselines from her time in Shizuoka, Japan, She was intrigued by Japan's attentiveness to healthier choice ingredients; the low sugar, the simplicity of lifestyle, the culture of honor , the farmers and green tea fields. Now, combining that with the authenticity of Africa's raw ingredients such as pure aloe, Shea butter, and some never seen exotic amazing ingredients of the motherland. Midori family was born.

Our mission is to provide skin and hair care products made from high purity tested herbs, organic certified oils, and safer ingredients. Using her 15+ years as a Chemical Engineer, She focuses on highly concentrated plant based extracts and oils unique to the industry, and expertly blends them into exceptional performing products that cater to sensitive, dry, oily/combination skin, and hair care.

Formulating in a way that is gentle with thoroughly selected list of ingredients, Midori Family provides a revolutionized way of infusing botanical extracts for luxurious healthy skin and hair care