Our Story

ROSE: For many years, Rose had worked in several diverse chemical fortune 500 industry as a Sr. Chemical Engineer. For a long time, she noticed that many black cultures depended heavily on the use of harsh chemicals in the beauty care industry. 


                                                      Rose - CEO/ Midori Family

Her parents being serial entrepreneurs, while maintaining their corporate professional jobs, added ownership of a salon as one of their business ventures. The use of harsh relaxers, and harsh chemical hair products were the norm. It was an issue where no one looked at the impact of these chemicals on scalp and hair care after the long term use of it. Additionally, the act of skin alteration with harsh chemicals was rampant in the African culture. She had seen family members, friends, suffer from severe skin and hair issues only to repeat the same pattern of using harsh toxic chemicals. Even with having several doctors in the family who made her aware of lifestyle and health at an early age, the impact of chemical products on health was not vastly discussed. It was almost treated like a secondary situation that had no impact on health. All due to lack of awareness.

After working in several chemical industries and coming full circle with some of the most dangerous chemicals in the world. It triggered my desire to provide the opposite, an ultimate high end, richly nourishing quality of natural and organic based products with high purity, while at the same time attaining heavily research alternatives that were considered safer. Formulating in a way that is gentle for skincare, hair care and for family members. No fillers, no added alcohol, no silicone, no sulfates, no paraben and prioritizing purity and quality.


Craig always had very sensitive skin. His mother, a former nurse, tried to manage his reactions when he was little. After growing and starting his family, he had come to accept it as a way of life.


                                                      Craig- CTO/ Midori Family

Today, Craig tells a different story. The change to natural skin care has completely changed his skin appearance and has motivated him to join in this cause. The difference is unparalleled. A United States Marine and a highly talented Engineering Director, Craig has a big heart and a desire to provide better options for family care.


Vivian has always been passionate about hair care. For many years, she has tested and investigated numerous types of skin and hair products. As a result of her vast research and business acumen, she is an invaluable asset to our team.


                                                        Vivian - V.P Of Marketing/Midori Family

We eliminated the use of harsh chemicals from our lives and have not looked back since. We source natural, certified organic raw materials, fair trade, cruelty free, and gentle botanical based ingredients.

We can change tomorrow by beginning today! Our product is like none in the market. Hence, Midori family was born.

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