Our mission is to: provide skin and hair care products made from high purity tested herbs, organic certified oils, and carefully selected ingredients. 

  • We are focused on not just safety by selection of ingredients but we deep dive into unique and highly concentrated botanical products to get their true benefits. We explore the use of essential oils and natural ingredients from over thousands years history for the purpose of improved health, skin and hair care.
  • We provide Skin products for ALL Skin types. Hair care products for ALL hair types but ALSO with a specific focus on Curly and Kinky hair.

Additional, safety doesn't just involve what we put into our bodies, it also primarily involves immediate physical well-being both in body and mind. 

  • Attentiveness to details and each other matters; taking care of each other. With explored love for botanical, natural origin based raws and my combined background in chemical engineering, while going through this intense "crazed" botanical scientist mode, we truly serve up unique one of a kind products from rustic herbal stage to lab tested-facility products. We are dedicated to feedback, continuous improvement goals and providing the best products carefully selected to serve our customers.

We also partner with "National Drowning Prevention Alliance" after a loss of an uncle at 46 years old and a near miss drowning event. This cause means the world to Midori Family.