Shampoo bars vs liquid shampoo for hair

Shampoo bars are still a fairly new term. Infact, when you mention it, some would say? Bars on hair? Well, it all lies in the way the bar is formulated.

For many decades, you have seen commercials on several different brands of hair shampoo. The mystery woman washes her hair in the shower, water sprays, the foam slides down her back. The result shown after hair drying, a luxurious locks of beautiful hair bouncing in the wind.

The truth is, not all shampoos are created equal. Infact, some can be very drying to the hair because of the presence of harsh chemicals. Sulfates are typically drying, cause itching and irritation as well as hair loss. Many hair shampoo contain sodium laureth sulfate/sodium laurel sulfate(SLS/SLES) .

You might not notice the issues right away.  After shampooing,You add conditioner, dry your hair and think all is well and done. You look great for a few days, all of a sudden, you notice your scalp seems dry and you even have dandruff. The issue is, we tend to strip the natural oils from our scalp when using harsh chemicals. Yes, there are different types of scalp. Some people have a tendency to have oily scalp, and some can’t get enough moisture onto their hair or scalp.  It all amounts to how you use the product guidelines. You will quickly be on your way to a healthier looking hair.

Additionally sulfate is not the only culprit here, there are other ingredients typically added to shampoos that can be problematic for your hair. Some ingredients can block pores, cause buildups, and lead to itching scalp which is even more noticeable during warm climates. Silicone oil, usually in the form of demethicone and cyclomethicone are usually added to provide gloss, humectant and as a hair condition agent. However, they tend to form a “light film” and can block moisture from reaching the hair shaft leading to buildups and causing dryness. Additionally, liquid shampoo can contain artificial fragrances, harsh preservatives, colors or dyes which all compounds the issue. Your overall health can be affected by what you put on your hair.

As stated, shampoo bars are fairly new. They are solid bar made specificially for hair. Note, using plain regular traditional soap on your hair is not advisable and can cause your hair to dry up, be brittle, and buildup.

These is because soaps are typically harsh because they are lye based and higher amount of lye in soap results in dryness. You notice some traditionally soap bar, after using them, makes your skin feel dry.

High quality shampoo bars are natural based shampoo cured for certain amount of time and formulated in such a way to produce a gentler effect on the scalp.

Shampoo bars are gentler, allows your hair to retain its natural moisture, are sulfate free. Some of the interesting benefits of using shampoo bars are increase in hair thickness, relieves dandruff, frizz and show a natural sheen to the hair and support faster hair growth.

Some people go through a transitional phase when switching from liquid shampoos to shampoo bars. This is the hair and scalp trying to balance its “scalp chemistry” to a healthier surface that supports luxurious looking hair. During these times, some people experience greasy or dry scalp. This can happen for a short period of time. This does not happen in all cases.

 At that point, the scalp is adjusting to the removal of chemical buildup that it has been so accustomed to during this change. It won’t last and will be gone soon. Apple cider vinegar rinse can be used to help with the ph balance.

The benefits of getting your scalp to a healthier state that you were not even aware of is tremendous. The benefits include reduce proneness to dandruff, increased hair growth and thickness, a naturally conditioned, soft and silky hair, tangle free hair.

Additionally, shampoo bars with natural, certified organic ingredients using botanical essential oils instead of artificial fragrances are the best kind of shampoos.  Shampoo bars can also be balanced with great chelating agents, scalp conditioning and biodegradable ingredients to prevent buildup providing better hair nourishment than a liquid shampoo. They are portable, can last for months and using bar with a dynamic mix of essential oils can be fabulous for your hair, particularly with natural oils that boost hair health, scalp while boosting hair growth.