Skin reactions and some favorite organic oils for skincare

Many plant oils have multi-functional properties. Such oils provide therapeutic, medicinal, invigorating, healing and restorative benefits among many more attributes. Several skin issues range from stretch marks to acne, eczema, psoriasis, fungus, rashes, redness, scarring, stretch marks, droopy skin, wrinkles and several more dermal issues.


For many years, science has evolved by tending to emulate the properties of these natural plants. This has led to the emergence of several synthetic versions of the natural oils. They are less expensive and in some cases perform comparable to the natural oils.

However, many of these synthesized and chemical products are very bad for the skin.

Infact, the breakdown of the components on some of these facial and general skin care products contain mineral oils, paraben, fragrances, silicone oil, petrolatum and many more pore blocking synthetic chemicals.

Midori family- Natural stretch mark oil

Not all synthetic chemicals are created equal. Many are known to cause devastating damages on the skin and overall health leading to long term battles. Time and energy is wasted in an attempt to rectify the issues caused from using them. Such chemicals block the pores and allow buildup of toxic impurities. This causes the skin to react in the form of rashes, pimples, acnes , irritations, and in some cases severe breakout.


Even though the skin is one of the largest organ in the body. It is a complex organ consisting of several specialized cells that protects the human body. Some chemicals cannot make it past the first layer of the skin profile. This should be comforting to us. However, there are many chemicals out there that are known to  react with the enzyme on the skin making it toxic, and causing damages on a molecular level.


As a result, there has been an epidemic increase in certain cancer cases. It's almost becoming a norm, that anytime you turn on the t.v, you hear of someone suffering from this terrible disease.

Chemicals trend in products...from what we put in our bodies to what we eat .We bath with chemicals, breathe chemicals, consume chemicals and the impact is exhibited by our bodies in the form of sicknesses.

Additionally, there has even been unexplained cases of skin breakout from withdrawal from product use, which had been continuously applied over a long period of time. This led to a somewhat skin dependency on certain products. Strange as it sounds, the skin is definitely a complex organ that should not be taken lightly.  When your skin is continuously fighting to heal, working to rejuvenate, acting on over-drive to restore your skin. Scars and many skin ailments take residence and becomes a permanent fixture in your life.  


As with many life activities, we go through child birth, through weight lost, through allergies and in some cases, sickness. Can we assist the body to perform actively at its best? Or do we make our “little combat warriors and repair cell leaders” work harder than ever before in an effort to restore us back to our best ideal state? 

Using “cleaner” green alternatives free of pesticides or chemicals will give your skin a healthier road to super improved skin. 

Here are 5 Topic benefits derived from the use of organic oil blend products:

Anti-aging properties: Some of the organic natural oils used in oil blends have anti-aging properties. Infact, from a research study, a total of 34 healthy people with wrinkles were subjected to a randomized clinical study.ROSEHIP OIL- TOP WAYS TO REDUCE STRETCH MARK NATURALLY
  • The outcome revealed a significant improvement in wrinkle reduction, skin moisture and elasticity only after 8 weeks of using rosehip (L Phetcharat et)[1]. Additionally, Tamanu oil has also being one of the exciting oils that has proven to boost anti-aging activity. 
  • Natural scar removal: When a skin is broken into, blood sips out of the wound. Platelets in the blood work to form a unifying mesh to repair the broken skin. It gradually hardens and in some cases may leave scars that fade with time. The use of organic oils can aid in fast repair of the skin cells. Thus, reduce scarring.
  • Therapeutic experience:  Essential oils like Lavender oil and Orange oil provides a calming effect. Soothes, nourish and calms while enriching with natural occurring vitamin C and E 
  • Excellent Moisturizers:  In particularly, the best ones are non-clogging and provide great hydration needed to improve skin elasticity. The right oil blend chosen based on penetration and non-clogging abilities determine moisture level and resultant performance in cream blends for skincare


  • Excellent Facial Skin care: Many People do not realize that organic oils will work great on their face. Infact, they fall into the trap of using "harsh chemical" product with the promise of getting that "forever after" look. Using natural organic oils have excellent skin properties that enhance cell revitalization and regeneration. Selection of oils that are non-clogging to the pores with cell repairing properties is what makes them truly a stronger contender.


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