Enter for a Chance to Win $25 total value Natural Soaps

How to Enter: To enter the Sweepstakes, the $25 total value sweepstakes/ giveaway must be entered by doing two (2) things.

Note : Information on Sweepstakes -Terms and Conditions  and winner will be announced monthly on our natural soap facebook post. Check for wins under your comment and updated post info

(1) One natural ultra nourish soap bar with over 17 certified organic ingredients-Contains plant oil which are rich in natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant to relieve irritations and support clear looking skin) Click here for more details

(1) One activated coconut and beer bar ( Made with natural and certified organic ingredients)-Gentle exfoliates and does not strip skin of natural moisture. Click here for more details

Why use harsh chemicals when you can have something much better! Good luck!


  • very nice

    Wesley Frank Krueger
  • I have very sensitive skin. I can’t wait to try it.

    cynthia l whipple
  • Good luck everyone!

    Midori Family Team
  • Very nice products.

    stephanie hudson
  • I need natural soaps for my husband, his poor skin. I will order soon.

    Thank you

    Lynette Thompson

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